Kaia FIT North Dallas, TX: Dee Cox

Mind/Body/Soul balance has been my mission for the last year. As an entrepreneur, work/life balance is just not enough. With my demanding real estate business moving full speed ahead, finding time to take care of my body consistently was almost impossible. Then Kaia found me. The system created by this company aligned perfectly with my constantly moving schedule. Based on my day, I can work out before the sun comes up or right before it goes down. The 6am workout has been perfect, as my workout is complete and I arrive home at the perfect time to take my daughter to school. My energy is high from spending this one hour focusing on my physical strength and flexibility. This new morning "Momittude" has transformed the start of our days in my house.

The community is perfect for the motivation I need to show up everyday. Having a group of women to form relationships with while meeting our health and fitness goals together is just smart and effective for the everyday working professional boss lady like myself. We really get moving and everyday we all leave smiling and looking forward to the next time.

The workouts are sound and complete. Whether you want abs or a rounder rear, there is a creative work out prepared to lead you to the promise land of healthier and sexier!

The leadership is passionate. Kaia has a purpose for women. Our coaches ensures that we all know we are apart of something bigger and we can feel it. We all know as we meet our goals, that we are making the world a better place.

I'm Dee Cox. Owner and Realtor with MOVE Dallas Realty LLC. I workout 5 times a week with the wonderful ladies at Kaia Fit North Dallas. You should come and see what is here for you. I'm getting all I need and more. Thanks Kaia for coming to Dallas and being the answer to my prayer, and bringing more balance to my life.

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